Advantages of Dimpo

The innovative and highly effective elements and features of the Dimpo Kit are convenient for overnight use, both for the child and the parents.

At bedtime

The child gets into bed excited... [Read more]

Whilst asleep

and regardless of how much the child tosses and turns... [Read more]

When the very first drop "appears"

in their underwear... [Read more]

On getting up
in the morning

which character will be waiting for them? How many points will they get? [Read more]

The child gets into bed excited with their Dimpo because they know that it will alert them at the right time ("full bladder") and that soon they will learn by themselves to perceive the urge to go to the toilet during the night and will no longer wet the bed. Happy child!

Thanks to the self-adjusting system, the soft Dimpo sensor does not move or come loose with the child's movements during the night. Dimpo is always ready to detect the very first drop.

Dimpo, thanks to its exclusive "one drop" system detects the very first drop anywhere in their knickers or pants and instantly alerts the child with a tried-and-tested alarm and LED. At that time, Dimpo "makes things easy" ; the child goes to the bathroom without changing or manoeuvres.

The characters in the Dimpo Mentor Game interact with the child every day, guiding and rewarding their evolution.

The Dimpo Mentor Game is highly valued by parents and healthcare professionals for encouraging the child to take part and for providing motivation.