Interactive bedwetting

for boys and girls from 5 to 16 years old

The Dimpo interactive treatment is based on the system of conditioning with positive reinforcement, considered by the latest medical textbooks and literature* as the most effective system for correcting enuresis (bedwetting), compared to the use of medication, training, etc.
* Merck Manual, Nelson Textbook of Paediatrics.

Recognised by leading institutions

Dimpo is a product recognised by leading institutions, with numerous awards and honours for practical innovation and the design of a completely child-appropriate treatment.

Dimpo: A complete kit for the treatment of bedwetting

The Dimpo interactive treatment for bedwetting, is presented in a pre-prepared kit consisting of:

  • The Dimpo detector (state-of-the-art anti-bedwetting system), with innovative and highly effective elements and features that are very easy to use during the night. Fitted with the exclusive "one drop" system by Dimpo.
  • Interactive Mentor Game, a support strategy for the treatment in the form of a travel-adventure game.

The Dimpo treatment is so rewarding and easy-to-follow that positive results are gained in a very short time.

How does Dimpo work?

When asleep, children with nocturnal enuresis do not receive the signal sent by their bladder when it is full and therefore do not wake up to go to the toilet. They also tend to be children who sleep deeply.

  • The Dimpo detector: alerts them and "trains them", sounding at the right time ("full bladder").

    After a short training period the desired effect appears: children learn by themselves to perceive the urge to go to the toilet (full bladder) and will go to the bathroom or hold it in until the morning.

    Thanks to the exclusive "one drop" system of the Dimpo detector, your child will get up dry from day one of the treatment.

  • The Interactive Mentor Game: guides them and rewards them

Pedagogically designed and in the form of a fun journey-adventure game, it focusses the entire support strategy to be followed in the treatment of bedwetting. It interacts with the child from the very first day until the end of treatment, using characters who are strategically placed in the game to guide them and reward their evolution.

The Dimpo Interactive Mentor Game increases effectiveness and cuts down treatment time.

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