Tried-and-tested alarm

The Dimpo alarm has been tested on children with nocturnal enuresis.
It can be perfectly heard even by children who sleep deeply.

Check feature

Checks the operation of the detector and battery status.

Guiding LED

The Dimpo detector features a small LED light that guides the child when the alarm goes off.

Controlled shutdown

OFF button with innovative system that prevents the child from unwittingly disconnecting the alarm.

Self-adjusting system

Thanks to the self-adjusting system of the Dimpo belt, the soft sensor does not move or come loose with the child's movements.
Always in the correct position to detect the very first drop.

Comfortable and secure fitting

The soft Dimpo sensor adapts to the outer part of the underwear or pyjamas comfortably and safely:

WITHOUT using items such as
panty liners, safety pins, etc.

Easy Dimpo

Dimpo is designed for very comfortable use at night.

WITHOUT changing or manoeuvres like with old-style anti-bedwetting models.

WITHOUT previously drying the sensor for shutdown. So the unnecessary prolongation of the alarm is avoided.

Exclusive "one drop" system

Wherever the very first drop "appears" in the child's underwear, Dimpo detects it.

The Dimpo Mentor Game

The Dimpo detector boasts the added feature of the interactive Mentor Game. Pedagogically designed for the child to willingly participate in their treatment.